I believe that most breeders are reputable but my wife and I have had several people call from around the country that have been taken by a so called breeder that has taken their money and then never returned their phone calls. Although unfortunately we have had more people call that have been done wrong after buying from a pet store. For one reason or the other the puppy they had purchased has been sick and they just never received any resolve from their situation. Lets face it we live in a world where fair business practices really comes down to weather the people you are dealing with have good character or not. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, we will provide each of our customers with the following for their purchase through us.


1. Of course you will receive your puppy.

2. Our Guarantee will be sent with each puppy. See Contract/Guarantee

3. Registration papers (this ensures that you are receiving a pure breed puppy).

4. Health papers that our Veterinarian will fill out in only your name.

5. And our promise that we will always be here to offer advise for future questions.


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