Where is my dog?

You will need to have a Waybill number, it has eight numbers and looks similar to this: 1234 5678. The Waybill number is simply the ticket number for the puppy.We will provide you with this a day or two before puppy ships.You will be required to have identification to receive your puppy at the airport. Important: If you need someone else to pick up the puppy at the airport. That is not a problem but we need their name and address to put on the Waybill.


When the plane lands, your puppy will be the last to come off. There is a special room in the front of the Cargo Hold for your puppy, the room is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer and it is also pressurized just like the cabin for the people above. Now with that said all the luggage must come off first to get to where your puppy is. This is why your puppy will be brought out to you after all the luggage is unloaded from the plane.


If I were you I would call American Airlines or whichever Airline is flying your puppy at your airport ahead of time and tell them you have a puppy flying in and want to know where to pick it up, this could save you valuable time. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or text me; 417-576-0058. Keith