Why We Do Not Allow People To VisitThe Puppies Prior To Them Leaving

As you can see from the header of this page, the answer is NO we cannot allow people to visit the puppies do to we cannot take any chances on bringing in a cold germ or much worse that could make the other puppies and adults sick. You are more than welcome to call our Veterinarian's office for a reference just ask them if Keith Linenbrink raises healthy puppies and they will be glad to answer that question and anything else you would like to ask them; 417-847-2677. Just ask for any of the Vets Dr Brown, Dr Reed, Dr Cupps or Dr Pointer, just keep in mind that they are often in surgery or very busy.


One thing I would like to say is that we have been raising puppies since 2003 and we used to always allow in home visits and someone brought in a cold germ once in about 2005 and about eight puppies came down with it about a week after the visit and although no puppies died, it cost us about $200 and a few weeks to get them over it.  In 2007 someone brought in Parvo on the feet and we lost several puppies and it took a few years and several thousand dollars to get over that. This is when Dr Brown laid down the law of no in home visits and we have not had any problems since, not even a snotty nose…


Notice: We do allow people to pickup their puppies at the house but keep in mind that their puppy leaves out the front door and does not go back to cross contaminate the rest of the litter. Breeders that allow home visits and then put the puppies back with their siblings to potentially make them sick are playing a risky game. Keep in mind that most of the time, we already have deposits on a few puppies and we have a responsibility to not only protect the puppies but our clients investment. Here’s an extra note: When you read something off of the internet, ask yourself a few simple questions… Why did this person write this information and what’s their motivation for writing it and do they really have the experience to be an authority on the subject.  I can promise you, there is no better education than when you make a mistake such as the mistakes I mentioned above. If you are looking for someone honest and someone that wants to provide you and your family with a happy healthy puppy, I can guarantee you we will work hard to do just that. But I still won’t allow anyone to bring in germs or viruses that could make the puppies sick. Thanks Keith