Our Latest Emails

Chase is doing great. He got a clean bill of health from the vet. He is sleeping well overnight in the crate and we continue to work with him on housebreaking, with only a few incidents.  He is hilarious when he has his bursts of energy! He does not like this cold weather, (who does?!) so we bought him a fleece lined sweater because he was so cold on walks. Thanks again! 

Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know how well our little guy has been doing. He adapted to us very well. After the first night he has been sleeping almost the entire night without any crying. He is doing well potting on the pad or outside. Very few accidents in the house. He is so playful and loves to be cuddled. Thank you so much again. 

Keith...just wanted to drop you a note and say how pleased we are with our Bichpoos, Curly that we adopted back in August.  He is doing great and goes to school with me almost  every day. We highly recommend you and your family for the way you raise your dogs.


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