†††† We have a pretty good system now after several years of experience I believe with our puppies on the potty training, after they go to the Vet for the first time at 5 weeks of age, we prop open the doggy door and they learn real fast not to go to the bathroom where they sleep.  This starts the process and then when we receive payment we take the puppy away from the mother and bring the puppy into the house with us and start crate training them at that time until they go to their new homes.  We have a small family dog named Pee Wee that is like a mother hen to all the puppies.  She goes outside with them and they actually watch her and learn from her why we are letting them outside since they follow her everywhere.  It is usually only a couple of days when they really start catching onto the training up here.  Iíve had lots of people very surprised with how well the puppies behave when they get to their new homes.  Iíll be really busy today with meetings with a couple of families coming to the house to look at the puppies but Iíll try to get those pictures in between everything. 

Potty Training

†††† This has got to be the most popular question Iím asked for very obvious reasons, no one likes to potty train a puppy.† Keep in mind just like humans, puppies are not born knowing itís a bad thing to go to the restroom in the floor unless they are taught other wise.† If I were to adopt a human baby the last question I would ask would be ďis the baby potty trained yet?Ē† Why because we would know from experience that the human baby is probably not old enough yet or it does not matter because we are going into this adoption fully committed to do what ever it takes to make this little baby grow up to be a great human being.†


†††† Most of the puppies we sale are around 9 weeks to 16 weeks of age and this is a good time to start the potty training but in all reality a puppy wonít be fully potty trained until they are a year old or older.† If I was to have a disclosure statement on this subject it would be something my wife said to me while Potty Training our personal dog Pee Wee.†† ďShe is really doing good butÖ† and here it is;† She canít turn the door know and let herself outĒ.† Trust me I understand the frustration of Potty Training, itís no fun but one thing I want everyone to know from my experience and this is another one of those statements ď Itís not usually the dogs fault if it goes potty in the floor, Why?† Because he/she canít what?† Turn the door knobĒ.† There is a very important factor in the training process which I think is the most important.† The owners commitment to consistently watch for the puppyís singles or signs and get up and turn the door knob.†


†††††† People interested in buying a puppy that ask this question right off the bat usually fall into three categories, you might identify yourself as one of these because Iím in here as well.†

1. Experienced dog owners that understand that Potty training is best started by the breeder and realize what they are getting into.†

2. We owned a puppy once a few years back and since our lives were so busy, we gave the puppy to someone who had more time to spend with it and now we are ready to try it again.† There were a few underlining factors for getting rid of the first dog which were it chewed everything constantly and we could never get it Potty Trained.††

3. We have never owned a dog before and have no experience at all and would rather skip this entire process if possible (Sorry you canít have your puppy and skip this part, it wonít happen).††


†††† Sadly to say Iím old enough I fall into all three categories and totally understand all three.† It really boils down to commitment, are you committed to owning a puppy.† If not this is where you have to make you decision and if you are not Iím asking you not to buy from us because I donít want one of our puppies to end up looking out from the inside of a humane shelter, which I can promise you is the incorrect name but they have their place in this world and are trying to do their part to make this world a better place to live.† With all that said below is a little on what we are doing to start the Potty Training process.†

What is the best way to Potty Train? Answer†† This is a question out of our Frequently asked questions and which you can access from the first page this website.†