Text Box: Honestly, all you really need is the Nutrisource puppy food & some bottled water. OK and a few toys, a small collar for about a 9” neck, a harness for a three to four pound puppy, a leash, a few chew sticks or a Nyla Bone for teething and maybe a doggy bed. 
Here’s A Link To The Nutrisource For Small & Medium Breed Puppies.  
We have a Well so our water does not have any chemicals in it so you’ll need to start out on Bottled Water so get a case of good bottled drinking water. “NOT DISTILLED” Just good water that you would like to drink. The first week, 100% bottled water, second week add 25% of your tap water to it and so on until the puppy is drinking your water. This is so your puppy does not get diarrhea which can get deadly for a small puppy.  

If you decide to get a Pet Carrier, I recommend the pet carrier that is 24 inches long by 16 inches wide and 14 inches tall. Notice: If you are paying to have the puppy flown, you get to keep the Pet Carrier it will be riding in so wait to see if you like it before purchasing another one.

If you are planning on leaving the puppy alone while you work, I highly suggest a puppy play pen that is at least four foot by six foot, this will give the puppy enough room to play and stretch his legs during the day. A good one is about sixty to eighty dollars on Amazon.com  Click Here Example
Also for those out there that already have another dog, if the new puppy gets into the older dog’s food, it can make it sick and get diarrhea and we don’t want that so figure out a way so the older dog’s food is somewhere the puppy can’t get to. We free feed here so the puppies are used to the food being available 24/7, just fill up the food and water and leave it out. Take the puppy outside every couple hours and after they wake up from a nap. I would also put a Potty Towel by the back door for rainy days. Here is a link for my full Potty Training Information  Potty Training