Do Not give any treats for about two months, treats are food too and you can make your puppy very sick by feeding it treats. If you feel the puppy needs a reward, just put some puppy food in a little baggy and give as a treat. Treats also taste better than the puppy food so Iíve actually seen where the puppy decides to stop eating itís food because it likes the treats better...


Do Not take your puppy in to be groomed for at least two weeks after you receive it unless itís an emergency, your puppy will be clean and smell great when you receive it so itís not necessary and it will only stress it out. Try to wait a minimum or ten days if you can before taking it to a groomer.


Do Not allow your Vet to give a vaccination within ten days of receiving it because this will stress the puppies immune system, transitioning to itís new home is enough stress so let the puppy settle in for ten days. On top of that, if you have read you guarantee, giving a vaccination within the first ten days will void your guarantee.


Do Not pickup your puppy and take it into populated places like Pet Stores that have lots of people and dogs. For the first ten days please treat you new puppy like a new born baby coming home from the hospital, this is the absolute worst time to take it in to be exposed to germs and viruses itís not used to.


When taking your puppy to the Vet, Do Not allow people in the Vet to play with your puppy that are hanging out waiting for their turn to see the Vet. Most people have taken their dog in to the Vet because itís sick and even if itís not, you donít know what their dog has been exposed to that day and you donít want your dog to catch it. I always leave my puppies in a heated/airconditioned car while I go in and wait my turn and I will go outside, get my puppies and walk past everyone that wants to pet the cute little puppies straight to the exam room. After the checkup, I put the puppies back in the car and I come in and wait for them to figure my bill.