Puppies that are extra small like Maltese, Toy Poodles and runts may need some softened food with Pancake Syrup for a week or two just to make sure they are getting some food in them. Soften a small amount of the Nutrisource puppy food in hot water for about thirty minutes, the puppy food will double in size and most if not all the water will be absorbed. Add enough Pancake Syrup or Karo Syrup for flavor and add more warm water and blend. A hand blender works great for this and a counter blender works better. I almost forgot my secret ingredient, “Plain Yogurt” Plain Yogurt with the fat and calories… Don’t you wish you were a puppy again? The smaller the puppy, the more often you need to feed it. The goal here is to make sure it’s getting some groceries in it; when you think about it, this has the same puppy food in it that your trying to get it to eat dry so always keep the dry food available for it along with some bottled water. I say bottled because city tap water has chemicals in it and can cause the puppy’s tummy to get upset and get Diarrhea.


Nutrisource Puppy Food: 1/2 Cup

Bottled Water: 1 Cup

Pancake Syrup or Karro Syrup:  Tablespoon Full

PlainYogurt: Small Spoon Full

You’ll need to add more water so when it’s blended it’s really runny, if it is too thick the puppy won’t eat it. Put it the extra in a container and put into the refrigerator and heat up the next time so it’s warm. Don’t make very much up because you’ll only want to keep it about two days.  Keep in mind, once your puppy is eating the dry puppy food and does not have much interest in the soften puppy food, you should not have to feed it anymore. Nine out of ten of our puppies that we send out should not need soften food at all, I just want you to have this information incase you need it.


Tip; If your dog or puppy ever gets Diarrhea, give it canned Pumpkin three times a day for a week. An adult can have on Tablespoon full three times a day and a puppy a little less. If they won’t eat it, mix it with Syrup for flavor.