Sassy K9’s Ownership Contract

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All puppies are intended to be pets only.  Breeder will provide all paperwork once the new owner has paid for their puppy or puppies in full.  If the puppy or puppies need to be shipped full payment, including shipping costs, must be paid 14 days prior to shipping puppies. *A $300.00 nonrefundable deposit  is required to hold a puppy.*


Terms & Conditions

The $300.00 per puppy nonrefundable deposit will be applied to the total cost of the buyers previously selected puppy or puppies. All puppies are protected by *Surety of Action*.

The Surety of Action means we, as breeders, are bound to give the puppy or puppies that buyer has paid in full.  We will not sell puppies to another buyer. Linenbrink Kennels guarantees your puppy is free of genetic defects thus all puppies are suitable as “family pets.” 

The following genetic defects are considered slight and are not serious enough to request a refund.

Umbilical hernia

Undescended testicle

Under or overbite

Puppy replacement is only valid if health problem is related to a hereditary condition.  This condition must be documented by a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine or DVM. *Injuries caused by accidents or contagious illnesses are excluded*.  Buyer understands that any and all guarantees expire 6 months from date of birth.

Refunds due to buyer remorse, landlord issues, inability to care for the puppy or the puppy not doing well in their new home for any reason will not be granted.  Your puppy is a new family member; some adjustments are to be expected.

Guarantee will be null and void if puppies are given any vaccinations within 10 days of going to their new home.

Puppies are not immune until they have had their minimum set of puppy shots.  If new owner takes their puppy out before they have been fully vaccinated, the new owner is responsible for all costs associated with their actions. 

Please take your puppy or puppies to a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or DVM  within 5 days.  i.e. If  your dog’s “ready date” is 6/21/20.  Please call your DVM prior to your pick-up date and schedule a “Wellness Exam.”  Keeping the above example in mind your dog should be seen by 06/26/20.

If the puppy dies within 7 days of arrival to his or her new home a replacement puppy will be offered;  If there is an indication of poor health we must be notified by the 7th day.  All requests for replacement puppies must include the original paperwork that was given by the breeder, including this original signed contract.

If buyer wishes to bring back a puppy, it must come with a note signed by a DVM.  Also, we are not responsible for any fees that buyer encored to care for the puppy,  i.e. vet bills, travel expenses or items bought to prepare for the puppy. The only exception would be if a prior written agreement was made between the buyer and breeder.


What you Need to Know if you Qualify for a Replacement Puppy


Original puppy must be returned within 24 hours; along with all paperwork provided by the breeder.  There is additional paperwork needed to return the puppy.

Replacement puppies are contingent on availability. The buyer will also pay shipping if needed; breeders do not bear responsibility for further costs.

If buyer chooses a puppy of higher value buyer pays the difference.

We have 180 days to get a replacement puppy, if one is not available at time of approval for replacement puppy.  If one is unavailable after 180 days then we will refund you the original purchase price of the puppy.  Shipping costs are nonrefundable. 


Time to Sign

The State of Missouri recognizes this document as a legally binding contract between Linenbrink Kennels and the buyer named below This contract specifies the duties and responsibilities of both breeder and buyer, listed above.  This contract must be signed, dated and returned within 10 days of purchasing the puppy or puppies. Failure to return the contract within 10 day will void the contract in its entirety. 



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