We are feeding Nutri Source For Puppies, if you are picking up your puppy at the house, let me know you want me to have a bag ready and the cost is $40. This is for a 32 pound bag, it’s the biggest bag they make. If you do not want to feed the Nutrisource, which I suggest very highly that you do since it’s the best puppy food I’ve ever tried but if you just have to switch, IAMS is the closest to the same formula and is much easier for everyone to find BUT “I would stick to the Nutrisource if you can”.

     This is Important Please Read: We have Well Water so I recommend you use bottled water for about the first month to make the transition easier on the puppy, the chemicals in city water can cause a loose stool so please take note when transitioning your new puppy.  The first week just give bottled water straight, second week add 25% tap to it, third week 50% and so on until the puppy is on 100% tap water. We will be sending a small bag of puppy food that your puppy has been eating,; if you are going to switch to the IAMS, mix the bag that is with the puppy with an equal amount of the IAMS For Puppies. When all the mixed food is gone than you can start feeding your new food straight. Notice: If you do not transition your new puppy over by following the instructions, your puppy could get a loose stool and get dehydrated. Here is a link to our Frequently asked questions. FAQs

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