Emails Of The Week

Once again I have to sing your praises. We took Rudy to our veterinarian today. He said and wrote down that Rudy was an A+ in all of his puppy evaluations.  He praised his personality more than once.  His associate veterinarian was also impressed. She knows us and visited Rudy while we were there. He told us that we had a great dog, a good breeder, and if we did not want Rudy, he would take him. We love Rudy and are having so much fun with him. Thank you many more times, JAN

My puppy had a clean bill of health at her appointment today and the vet was thoroughly impressed by her. I simply can't thank you enough!!  Tabitha
Hi Keith, this is Helen F. I live in Connecticut and 9 1/2 years ago you sold me a beautiful bichapoo. You had named her Bridget but we call her Jojo. She is the best dog ever! I noticed you had maltipoo puppies and wondered if the two darker females have been sold. We are thinking of getting a puppy to keep Jojo company as my kids are starting to head off to college. Jojo is truly a part of our family and if we were going to add a new addition we would love it to be from your family. Thank you!  Helen

Hi, Keith! Thought I'd show you a current pic of Stella (Lucy). I have a family member who wants one now so can you please put me on a list to inform me when a new litter comes? Hope all is well your way!!!!!

Dr Morehead examined Dixie and said she’s perfect! We have renamed her Tesla, and we’re praising SassyK9s. She’s doing pretty well in the potty training already and is fetching!!! Thanks Again!

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